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Welcome to Hae-Bang-Chon Guests' House

  • 설명
  • Address : 4F, 5-1519, Young-san Dong 2Ga, Young-San Gu, Seoul, Korea (Korean language : 서울특별시 용산구 용산동2가 5-1519 4층)
  • Phone No : +82-7O-8242-1968 / In korea O7O-8242-1968

How to go Guests' house

  1. by bicycle ; if you think you know the area well
  2. by subway and bus;
    1. Walk from Noksapyeong(line no.6) (as I explained above), or take a bus 143, 401, 406) and get off at '3 ho teo neol ip gu(3호터널입구)' It's in English, 'the third Namsan tunnel entrance'
    2. From Seoul Stn.(line no.1/4) take the bus (4012, 402, 0014) and get off at 'Boseong Girls' Highschool'
    3. From Sookmyung Univ.(line no.4) take the bus 용산(yongsan) 02 and get off at 'Jong jeom yak guk', jong jeom pharmacy
  3. by car ; well, anyone will come by car? I hope the Navigator will tell you. :)
  4. Additional explanation(for walkers)
    1. at Noksapyeong exit no. 2, you can see the wall along the sidewalk. walk down till the end of the wall and there is a small path on the left. Walk into the path.
    2. You can see a store and a stall where the korean pots are arranged, there are stores once in a while. Walk up straight till the end of the road, and you will see a red sign which says '종점약국(you should try writing this korean down so that you can compare the sign and your memo)' (it takes about 9 minutes)
    3. Refer to the 종점약국 on the map below, on the center, at the bottom. once you arrive there, turn right and walk down a bit. you will see the underground pass for passengers. pass through it, then walk straight (don't cross the overpass), till you can see the crosswalk.
    4. the Empty House is across from the street, the first light gray house on the delta area.

from In-chun international airport

  • In-chun international airport 1 floor / bus stop
  • KAL Limousine Bus to Yak-su(약수) Subway Station
  • Yak-su St. / Line6(약수 / 6호선) To Nok-Sa-Pyong St.(녹사평 / 6호선)
  • Nok-Sa-Pyong(녹사평 / 6호선) Exit 2 and walk(maybe 10 minute walk.)

from Gim-po international airport

  • Gim-po airport Subway Station / Line 5 (지하철 김포공항 역 / 5호선)
  • To Gong-Duk St.(공덕 역) Transfer Line 6
  • and, Nok-Sa-Pyung St. (녹사평 역)
  • Nok-Sa-Pyong(녹사평 / 6호선) Exit 2 and walk(maybe 10 minute walk.)

from Nok-Sa-Pyung St.

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